Seismic and Accelerometric Network of Montenegro

   Seismic network is dedicated to the process of seismic earthquake parameters recording, studying of earth crust structure, constituting of seismological database for purposes of seismic hazard determination for the country territory, urban areas and location of building constructions.
   MSO operates a seismic network consisting of 10 short-period stations and 4 broadband stations. Every field short-period seismic station is equipped with seismometer S-13 type and broadband stations have seismometer KS-2000M installed. The seismic station at Podgorica is equipped with the broadband STS-2 seismometer and Quanterra-730 digitizer (donation of MedNet).
    The data recorded by the seismic stations are digitized on the field with 100 samples per second, 24 bit resolution and transmitted via digital communication links, to the data recording center at Podgorica. By its spatial distribution, sensor sensitivity, mode of seismic signal transportation, seismometer microlocation characteristics, physical protection of field equipment, field power supply, etc. Seismic Network of Montenegro has been designed to give, in real conditions, the maximum quality of recorded seismic signals for recording of seismic activities on the Montenegro territory and its surrounding areas.
    Montenegrin    Accelerometric Network consists of three accelerographs Smart-24A type (DRME, HCY and NKME) and one EpiSensor accelerograph located in Observatory building at Podgorica. This network is important for determination of ground motion parameters when stronger earthquake occurs. Those parameters are necessary in the process of aseismic designing, planning and constructing buildings in Montenegro and for determination of real level of seismic hazard and expected seismic risk.