Softwares for Seismic Data Processing

   Program package SMARTQuake® purchased from Geotech company from Texas, USA, is used for fully automated earthquake data processing and analyzing of earthquake information. It is integrated with SMARTGeoHub® multi-threaded, data acquisition system for real time operation. SMART Quake® starts by picking arrival times on selected pre-filtered channels. The waveforms after the picks are analyzed to discriminate between local and regional earthquakes, and teleseisms. S waves are also picked in case of local events. Duration magnitude is computed for local earthquakes and the body wave magnitude mb for teleseisms. It performs moment tensor inversion for local earthquakes based on spectral amplitudes of body wave trains. Location results, waveforms with picks and color epicentral maps are output on a PostScript printer and on-screen. Event files are archived and converted to common seismological data formats (MiniSeed,GSE...). The location results are sent by email and SMS to a list of addresses/numbers immediately after the earthquake detection.